Stainless Steel Bake ware

Muffin Pan or Cupcake Pan

How many times have you wanted to make a baked good for a Fundraiser or Fair and just didn't know what to make? You only have a certain amount of time to produce something yummy. I have your answer. Keep reading.

Muffins or cupcakes that's what you bake. Banana Chocolate Chip muffins are the bomb! Muffin pans are so easy to use and the cupcakes or muffins are fun to eat. You can create 24 to 48 little treats in no time. You can even create them ahead of time and freeze them until you need them. Which every working mom knows is much easier then last minute.

Let's talk about the muffin pan. You are going to see many different styles and varieties on this little gem, but I wholeheartedly support steel muffin pans. They don't rust with a little care and they store easily. You will see silicone muffin pans, but they wiggle and slosh when you fill them and then you wind up putting a metal tray underneath them anyway, so why not just own the steel pan.

Clean up with stainless or metal is easy especially if you use paper muffin liners. almost every grocery store has a baking section with these available, from plain to decorated. If you are using a non stick spray the pans just clean up with warm soapy water. Very easy. I let mine air dry in the drain board.

Fox Run Stainless Steel Muffin Pan

fox run muffin pan 150x150 Muffin Pan

You will find some pans are coated with stainless steel and are lighter then plain stainless steel, such as the Fox Run muffin pan. I have found this pan works well when you don't want a pan that is heavy. The cost is very reasonable and the wear on tare on this model stands up well.

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Nordic Ware Muffin Pan

If you are an avid baker you may prefer something more heavy duty. Some bakers prefer using heavy duty Aluminum pans such as the Nordic Ware muffin pan with a rust proof coating to help with wear and tare. This pan has been highly rated with moderate price point.

nordic ware muffin pan 150x150 Muffin Pan

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Mini Cupcake Pan

Large parties are perfect for serving mini cupcakes. They are easy to bake in an assortment of flavors. You can decorate in different colors or themes. Layer trays or cake stands to use as cupcake holders. You can use doilies or tea towels to add color. Usually mini muffin pans come in 24 muffin capacity.

mini muffin pan Muffin Pan