Benefits of Stainless Pots and Pans

all clad Stainless Pots and Pans

Where do you go to learn about Stainless pots and pans? Do you have a chef in the family or a friend that does a lot cooking? If you don’t, you will want to know the benefits of owning stainless. Most restaurants cook with stainless. Quality cookware cooks quality food.

Durable stainless cookware is perfect for the kitchen because they are completely recyclable and do not react with acid or alkaline foods, also, do not stain or rust. These pots are dishwasher safe and are not easily scratched or dented.  

Stainless pans can be used for cooking, storing food as well as serving food. Stainless steel has become a fashionable accent in today’s kitchen because of easy maintenance and upkeep of pots and appliances.

Stainless pots and pans come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Depending on the food being cooked you can use a stainless braiser/roaster, casserole, saucepan, griddle, dutch oven, frying pan, saute pan, stock pot, or a wok. Each pot is designed to cook food in its own unique way.

Types of Stainless Cookware

Braisers/roasters are large, wide and shallow providing space to cook a roast.Typically have two loops or two handles and may come with or without a cover. Their usual shape is oblong or oval. Casserole pans tend  to look a bit like roasters and dutch ovens conveniently can be used on stovetop and in oven. Commonly they are made of glass or a pyrex material. Dutch ovens are deep pots with a heavy lid.They are used with low heat and slower cooking. Frying pans have a flat heating surface with shallow sides and are used for pan frying foods.

Griddles are flat plates of metal used for frying pancakes, griddle cakes. Typically  round shaped. Saucepans have sides that equal the diameter of their cooking surface, generally have a handle along with a lid. Used quite often for boiling or simmering foods. Saute pans have low sides with a large surface area allowing steam to escape. Stock pots are large pots with sides at least as large as their diameter. Woks are wide bowl shaped vessels with one or two handles near the rim.